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My name is Tomer (Tom) Avraham. I have been around fluid dynamics, CFD, and Physics in general for the past 20 years. Spent time at workplaces that I can nothing but own great gratitude for (Israeli Aerospace Industry, Elbit, head of engineering in Ansys channel partner, a consultant to STAR-CCM+ channel partner), then enabled myself to continue and finish my Ph.D. in the topic I love the most with and an endless drive to learn something new each and every day whilst keeping my uncontrollable need for epistemic stimulus.

I’ve started this blog for my own enjoyment and it is still such. After hundreds of posts I feel the fire in me to keep on going in full thrust, and into the most interesting and challenging fields as my epistemic need for cognition drives me to.

I would be thrilled if each and every one of you would follow along beside me and Rajat Walia (my co-author and advisor to many of the ideas and posts) in parts of the path, and create an UPDATED mapping for the “All About CFD” territory which stretches way beyond our hundreds of publications with the aim of achieving totally FREE networking and collaboration worldwide platform to keep us all up to date with our dynamic CFD surrounding.

Shall we begin?…

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  • Combustion Theory and Applications in CFD – by Professor Heinz Pitcsh (summer lectures):
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  3. Professor Heinz Pitcsh webinar: Professor Heinz Pitcsh

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  • Professor Lorena A. Barba (Boston university) courses (free open learning):

CFD Python: 12 steps to Navier-Stokes💥

  • The flow physics of COVID-19 – an excellent read filled with top-notch information about #COVID19 oddly even with some CFD aspects, from the world-leading epidemiologists working on the subject at John Hopkins.

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  • Cadence Fidelity CFD (I simply adore the union with John Chawner and Pointwise – pay close attention) – “Another Fine Mesh the Cadence (formerly Pointwise) blog.”

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