TOP POSTS – July 2020 / AND / Two New Upcoming Zoom Sets of Ongoing Sessions

We’ve decided to gather for our “All About CFD…” blog followers our top ten read posts for July 2020.

I found the list fairly nice. There are always my favourites which I like a little more and some of them appear, it’s a wonderful list of posts:


I just know next month would bring fresh and new posts on topics like: Transition Phenomenology, Large Eddy Simulations (LES), and a set of weekly zoom ongoing sessions: “Online Mentoring” according to:


My “Recipe” for learning how to become a CFD self sustaining practitioner

discretization, meshing, kinematics, dynamics, initialising solutions, accelerating solutions – or, understanding and manipulating multigrid methods, solver control while simulating, physics phenomenology (transition, turbulence, heat transfer, multiphase, combustion, etc…), detection of convergence issues, efficient coding as to complete the platform usability, Comparing platforms: Fluent, STARCCM+, Cradle, FloEFD, OpenFOAM,  etc’…,

And another weekly zoom webinar ongoing sessions:


ILES VS. Explicit LES, Subgrid-scale models (SGS: Smagorinsky, WALE, Scale-similar (Bardina, J. H. Ferziger), Dynamic models, Germano Identity and the importance of Leonard stresses), consistency (U. Piomely), comutativity of filtering and derivative operations, setting boundary conditions: inflow and outflow, choice of resolution: spatial and temporal, meaning of a LES realization value of a parameter and the importance of establishing a procedure obtain statistical information to achieve ensemble averages, validation levels (P. Sagaut, S. Deck proposal) in LES, a-priori Vs. a-posteriori validation, advances in LES of transitional flows (The Center for Turbulence Research – Stanford University – P. Moin et. al)


Private Mentoring - Zoom Sessions (Special Price until 19/7/2020)
Private Mentoring – Zoom Sessions


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