Zoom: CFD Best Practice Guidelines 15/7/2020 20:00-21:30 (IDT) + Unabridged Recordings

As interactive as always, I shall go through many topics with constant Q&A Zoom/Webinar for CFD practitioners. This specific webinar shall give a baseline guidelines and “rule of thumbs”, going through all the these topics:

  • Handling CAD, and Cleaning Geometry.
  • Meshing guidance, and verification, the impact of different orthogonal layers to main gradient methodologies, and how get a reasonable quality mesh for even the challenging geometries, or in other words, a strategy connecting the mesh generation to the top priorities of the simulation.
  • Domain considerations with regards to the physics we would like to describe.
  • Physics with an emphasis on choice of materials and turbulence modeling (RANS ONLY).
  • Solver setting: how to  promote convergence without loosing accuracy, solver algorithms choice, discretization choice, and tips to follow convergence and identify problems during the simulation.
  • Performing sensitivity checkups in the large sense, from mesh independence to phenomenology expectations.
  • Post-Processing – why it serves as part of each of the above and of course important guidelines.

This first part in a set should be considered as a discussion led by me. I would like to utilize this first session to sense the most important topics, then  to be able to sharpen them for following “best guidelines zoom in many topics” soon to come.

Scale Resolving Simulation is not going to be part of the best practice guidelines. I shall hold a specific SRS best practice guidelines Zoom, which I think is much subtler. 

Zoom participants are the only ones who enjoy shared material I raise as important, and it’s a lot of material, this is why registration is mandatory. 

In sum, already during the registration it has come to my attention that some of the

intended participants in the webinar are quite knowledgeable, and some are totally new to CFD, so I’ve tried to walk the “golden mean” (Aristotle style) and I hope it was as satisfactory as I could have made it… 🙏

This is only a first part in a set best practice guidelines (some shall focus onspecific physical phenomenon, such as multiphase flow for example, some on discretization

schemes that are less known to the everyday engineer but nonetheless important, A full one hour zoom on Multigrid procedures (one of the most important modern approaches to solving sparse linear systems arising from discretization of elliptic PDEs). 

Then finally a session on Scale Resolving Simulation (SRS) providing a short background of what is to be considered as SRS, and the different types of SRS methodologies (for globally unstable Vs. Locally unstable and also the methodologizing according to monolithic Vs. Zonal), The gray area (quite still unresolved) issue and best practice guideline explained and as tables given to the participants.










Private Mentoring - Zoom Sessions (Special Price until 19/7/2020)
Private Mentoring – Zoom Sessions (Special Price until 19/7/2020)


MSI Engineering Software: Israel Representative of STAR-CCM+, FloEFD, FloTHERm, and MSC Nastran
MSI Engineering Software: Israel Representative of STAR-CCM+, FloEFD, FloTHERm, and MSC Nastran


"All About CFD..." - Navigate the World of CFD Through our INDEX
“All About CFD…” – Navigate the World of CFD Through our INDEX

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