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I love to help, it fills me up with joy to talk about fluid dynamics and CFD. I have hundreds of conversation in different CFD and fluid dynamics topics a week, and most of you who know me would testify I give my full attention when mentoring is taking place.

I also love my blog, It makes me happy to be able when I feel an advanced academic subject is communicated in such a way that people who otherwise will not get knowledge about subject, learn, and not only that continue to follow and learn more.

As a freelancer blogger I have been able to try and give my kindest and full attention to most undergraduates, graduates, doctoral students, and even researchers. When I do that I’m in a state of Flow (as in Flow – The Psychology of Optimal Experience by  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi).

Moreover, “All About CFD…” has never had a monetary objective and tries it’s best to hand the most valuable data while never breaching copyright issues, and accept collaboration from each and every contributor.

With statistics of about 2000 worldwide viewers a day, supporting fully and freely webinars for hundreds of students that the draw of cards did not let them enjoy this kind of level of communicated education (this free webinar counted more than 200 participants at an arbitrary moment):


We will not stop providing hundreds of posts, 1-3 weekly zoom-webinars, and all the help people reach out to and we are actually able to follow (believe me, they to many to imagine and sometimes very vague, as is the case with novice cfd practitioners.

Therefore, I’ve decided to allow a huge improvement to the local and global community, I believe that can make an impact. Maybe this video will convince you:

Are you a giver or a taker? | Adam Grant


The huge change in my way of helping is an offer of 5-10 (and more of course if needed…) of Private and dedicated mentoring which includes an hour of private Zoom lesson, tailored to the students interest and level, rare (my…) resources and tutorials for self learning during the session, a final project of the students choice conducted in collaboration with Tom Avraham, PhD possible continuation of shorter pinpointed help after the finishing of the formal lessons, and a highly valued recommendation for the leading CFD companies for those in correspondence and prove worthy. 

The fee for a 3 hourly sessions is 35$ per session to be paid in advance (in some cases a workaround may be achieved for delicate financial cases cases explained by email or by reaching out to Tom Avraham, PhD




Mobile: +972543551807


“All About CFD” – Tom’s Blog: The All Inclusive Turbulence Guide



Private zoom session

Basic and advanced CFD topics VOF vs. DPM, FSI, RANS-LES, numerical methods and algorithms, udfs,etc…, heat transfer in electronics and in general + much more.


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