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DNS of a zero-pressure-gradient flat plate boundary layer (P. Moin and X. Wu)

I love turbulence. Knowing how to model it in just the right fidelity is an art imho. An art I fell in love with 💕

The intention of this set of posts is to embark on a journey of connecting the dots between CFD and turbulence modeling with the phenomenological and practical concepts of engineering turbulence…

But be very careful, for this is an endless “Turbulence Feast”, and this buffet may make you explode 💥💥💥

Some posts:


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“Must” watch classics”: 

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics by TO Courses:


  • Lorena A. Barba – 12 steps to Navier-Stokes:

  • Lorena A. Barba – ME 702 – Computational Fluid Dynamics:

  • Lecture on turbulence by professor Alexander Polyakov:

  • Phil Roe: Colorful Fluid Dynamics Behind The Scenes:

  • Doug McLean: Common Misconceptions in Aerodynamics:

  • Turbulent Flow is MORE Awesome Than Laminar Flow

  • The National Committee of Fluid Mechanics (NSF) – Classic Lecturers:

  • Fluid Mechanics I – Dr. Biddle’s lecture series:

  • A Brief History of the Navier-Stoks Equations:

  • Combustion Theory and Applications in CFD – by Professor Heinz Pitcsh (summer lectures 1/4)


💥Rsources you must follow:


Books about happiness 😉 :

  • Doug Mclean: Understanding Aerodynamics – (my private network and for “ALL About CFD Subscribers” e-copy available
  • David Wilcox – Turbulence Modeling (out of print)
  • J.M. Mcdonough
  • Arkady Tsinober – The essence of Turbulence – This one is for those who are able and wish to get very deep into the phenomenology.
  • Pope – Turbulent Flows
  • Pierre Sagaut LES – Compressible/Incompressible/aeroacoustics
  • Sagaut LES – Compressible/Incompressible 
  • Turbulence – Nieuwstadt
  • Tennekes and Lumley – a first course on turbulence – a breakthrough in turbulence writing.
  • Stability and Transition in Shear Flows –  Dan S. Henningson, J.Shmid 
  • LLoyd Trephthen – Spectra and PseudoSpectra (my interpretation of the theory as far as the impact on transition is concerned) 
  • Gad-El-Hak – Flow Control, Doug Mclean: Understanding Aerodynamics  (my private network and for “ALL About CFD Subscribers” e-copy available


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